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Program Overview

Are you ready to further develop your technical management skills in the field of engineering? The University of Tennessee, Knoxville offers an online Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management, for current graduate students and working engineering professionals. As a way to advance a variety of engineering careers, this fully online graduate certificate program is ideal for those working in engineering organizations or currently studying as on-campus or online students at the graduate-level.

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*Cost per credit hour is an estimate based on maintenance and university fees. Some programs may have additional course fees. Please contact your department for additional information on any related fees, and visit Tuition and Fees in Detail at One Stop.

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Gain the Skills for a Better Tomorrow

The Engineering Management Graduate Certificate program is designed for professionals who work in an engineering organization and are interested in improving their technical management skills and knowledge in order to advance to the next level. Students who complete the certificate will demonstrate knowledge of managerial accounting and project management in engineering and technology management.

Career Outlook

Potential jobs include engineering project management, technology management, lead engineer, and engineering team leader.

Foundation for Master’s Degree

The Engineering Management Graduate Certificate program consists of four graduate courses that are available through distance education. These 12 credit hours may later be used toward a master’s degree provided the student meets all other degree requirements. Beginning in the fall of 2022, an online Master of Science in Engineering Management program degree will be available, making the graduate certificate the first step toward a master’s degree in engineering management. Both the graduate certificate and master’s programs are available for working engineering professionals. All curriculum is 100% online and includes materials and recorded lectures and seminars that allow students to “attend class” when their busy schedules permit and when most convenient for each student.

Featured Courses

The 12-credit online graduate certificate in Engineering Management consists of the following four courses: 

IE 533: Theory & Practice of Engineering Management

Principles of engineering management, including: business and organization design, culture, leadership, marketing and competition in global economy, motivation and performance management, empowerment, organizational behavior, and diversity. Systems thinking, learning organizations, and systems dynamics modeling. Principle application to work settings and case studies.

IE 536: Project Management

Development and management of engineering and technology projects. Project proposal preparation; resource and cost estimating; and project planning, organizing, and controlling: network diagrams and other techniques. Role of project manager: team building, conflict resolution, and contract negotiations. Discussion of typical problems and alternative solutions. Case studies and student projects.

IE 539: Strategic Management in Technical Organizations

Strategic planning process and strategic management in practice; corporate vision and mission; product, market, organizational, and financial strategies; external factors; commercialization of new technologies; and competition and beyond.

IE 534: Financial Management for Engineering Managers

Financial and managerial accounting in engineering and technology management. Transaction recording, financial statements, ratios and analysis, activity-based accounting, and standard practices for costing, budgeting, assessment, and control.

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Student Learning Outcomes

The Engineering Management Graduate Certificate program will prepare graduates to achieve the following:

Students will demonstrate knowledge of managerial accounting in engineering and technology management.

Students will demonstrate knowledge of project management of engineering and technology projects. 

Engineering Management Career Paths

Some potential job applications for the Engineering Management Graduate Certificate program are as follows:

Engineering Project Leader

Project Manager

Lead Engineer

Engineering Team Leader

Engineering Management Subfields

Some potential subfields within the Engineering Management field that the Engineering Management Graduate Certificate would be applicable to and helpful for career advancement are as follows:

Project Management

Technology Management

Engineering Financial Management

Management of Engineering Processes

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Professionals who may find the Engineering Management Graduate Certificate program a career-enhancing route for them to advance in the field of engineering include practical engineers who have achieved their designated milestone and are ready to advance to the next level. 

Andrew Yu, professor, master’s and graduate certificate engineering management programs, Tickle College of Engineering

Student Testimonial

I was thoroughly impressed with UTSI’s engineering management certificate program and have recommended it to numerous engineering friends. I loved the flexibility of the online courses, and the professors/the program was very sympathetic to the challenges of balancing school with a full-time job. 

The online course format was excellent; despite the distance, I was able to see my professors and successfully execute group projects. I believe this virtual experience will be valuable experience/preparation for engaging with colleagues in our global society. Platforms like Google Drive and Slack do not let distance limit productivity, and Google Hangouts proved to be an effective way to host a virtual meeting. 

After several excellent semesters in the engineering management certificate program, I chose to continue with the MS Industrial engineering. This roll-up course format is ideal; it allows full-time professionals to test out whether they can balance work, school, and personal life.  

– Michelle Halsted, Research Assistant, Oak Ridge National Lab 

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