Graduate Certificate

Nurse Executive Practice

College of Nursing

Program Overview

Do you have your master’s in nursing and desire to advance your career by becoming a family nurse practitioner? Then this 100% online Nurse Executive Practice Graduate Certificate program may be of interest to you.

Credit Hours

12-21 depending on academic record, clinical experience, and objectives

Cost Per Credit Hour*

In-State $700 + fees

Out-of-State $775 + Fees



Admission Terms


*Cost per credit hour is an estimate based on maintenance and university fees. Some programs may have additional course fees. Please contact your department for additional information on any related fees, and visit Tuition and Fees in Detail at One Stop.

Secure a Certificate in Nurse Executive Practice

This graduate certificate prepares nurses for a nurse executive role. Nurse executive practice involves managing the delivery of care, management of resources, interdisciplinary collaboration, and application of technology, information systems, knowledge, and critical thinking.

Featured Courses

Examples of courses you may enroll in as a Nurse Executive Practice Graduate Certificate student include:

NURS 664: Human Resource Management 

Exploration and analysis of nursing human resource management for nurse executive practice. 

NURS 668: Healthcare Financial Management 

Exploration and analysis of concepts and principles in healthcare financial planning essential to nurse executive practice. 

NURS 665: Nurse Executive Practice I 

Exploration and analysis of selected management and leadership theories for executive nursing practice. 

NURS 666: Nurse Executive Practice II 

Exploration and analysis of organizational and financial principles and theories related to executive nursing practice. 

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