Graduate Certificate

Gifted Education (Pre K-12)

College of Education, Health, & Human Sciences

Program Overview

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, offers an online Graduate Certificate in Gifted Education (PreK-12) intended for those working as teachers and those working as professionals in other fields.

Credit Hours


Cost Per Credit Hour*

In-State $700

Out-of-State $775



Admission Terms

Fall, Spring

*Cost per credit hour is an estimate based on maintenance and university fees. Some programs may have additional course fees. Please contact your department for additional information on any related fees, and visit Tuition and Fees in Detail at One Stop.

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Gain the Skills to Light the Way in Gifted Education

The graduate certificate in Gifted Education PreK-12 is intended for those seeking to develop a knowledge and skill base that undergirds effective, equity-focused teaching of PreK-12 students with a range of exceptionalities and from a range of backgrounds.  

A graduate certificate in Gifted Education PreK-12 is appropriate for PreK-12 teachers endorsed in areas outside of exceptional education, PreK-12 teachers endorsed in an area of exceptional education at the undergraduate level, administrators and supervisors aspiring to lead schools or serve in roles supporting special student populations, non-endorsed professionals whose work (e.g., museum, public-service agency) interfaces significantly with PreK-12 education, and those interested in homeschooling.  

Coursework in this certificate is designed to lead to an additional endorsement in Gifted Education PreK-12 for teachers licensed in other areas in the state of Tennessee, pending transcript review, passing appropriate licensure exams and approval of the faculty advisor. 


Featured Courses

The Graduate Certificate in Gifted Education (PreK-12) requires the successful completion of the following courses:

SPED 575: Strategies for Teaching K-12 Students Who Are Gifted & Have High Ability

Topics include measurement and assessment issues implicit in the identification process and methods for assessing educational progress and growth of children who are gifted including those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and those with disabilities. Teaching methods, curriculum design, and programming options for content delivery.

SPED 574: Nature & Characteristics of Gifted Learners

Introduction to foundational concepts related to giftedness and talent development in students K-12. An overview of characteristics of gifted children, the history and philosophy of gifted education, and the manner in which the needs of such students, including those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and those with disabilities, are served in schools.

TPTE 540: Topics in Improvement of Instruction

Special conferences, workshops, and in-service programs.

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Ready to Make a Difference in the Lives of Gifted Students?