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No matter what your schedule or where you live, there is a way to fulfill your academic aspirations with the support you need through the distance education programs at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

My favorite thing about distance learning is enhancing my education from home, but I feel I am part of a more extensive program. I know I have the entire University of Tennessee’s support and resources.

Kelsey W., Student, MS, Communication & Information, Strategic & Digital Communication program

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Our online programs are designed specifically for working, adult students, reducing barriers to becoming a Tennessee Volunteer. 

Strength in small numbers in Math Graduate Program

The online master of math program through the UT Mathematics Department emphasizes community in ways both small and large. The nearly thirty program enrollees are a tight knit group undergoing training to teach college-level, dual enrollment math courses in secondary schools in their communities.

The MM program gave me the credentials needed to teach dual enrollment so I could offer college credit to the students at my high school. Being able to teach college math courses through dual enrollment can really make a teacher an asset to any high school!

Hayley Pyle, Master of Mathematics, ‘21


Without the option to participate in online courses, many students would not be able to continue their education and advance their futures.

Ciera Noe Holds Distinction As First CCI SDC Graduate

A last-minute switch in graduate programs enables graduate student to explore multiple focus areas, sparking her interest in social media marketing.

Kealy Moriarty Balances Career with Online Master’s Program

Ever-advancing technology and communications tactics led National Guardswoman to pursue master’s with a concentration in Strategic and Digital Communication.

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