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Online Student Success Stories

Each of our 200,000+ Vols alumni started out right where you are right now: exploring information, asking questions, and determining which program is the best fit. Check out what these accomplished online students and graduates have to say about UT’s wide variety of online degree programs.

photo of Hunter Dove

I found out that (University of Tennessee) did indeed offer a master’s online program, so I reached out to the department. We had many conversations about graduate school at Tennessee in person and online. It was through those conversations that I knew Tennessee was the place I wanted to get my (online) masters from. 

Dr. Carrie Ann Stephens was so genuine and real with me about everything. She told me about the program and what it would be like. Dr. Stephens has been my advisor during my time here at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and she has been awesome! My experience has been phenomenal!

Hunter Dove, Online Master’s Degree student of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication (ALEC)

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photo of Jecobi Swafford

My experience was awesome from the beginning. All of my professors from the program, provided an inclusive and encouraging atmosphere. Their dedication, expectation, and belief in their students are second to none. In addition, the online format and resources were very user-friendly.

Jecobi Swafford, ‘19 Online Master’s of Science graduate of Educational Psychology, Adult Education (MS)

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Photo of Beth Swiatek

From the minute I spoke with my program’s advisor, I knew this would be a supportive program. The faculty was accommodating and welcoming. They provided a rich learning experience and the assignments allowed for a deeper understanding of the content we learned in our online classes by placing real-word experiences into our virtual learning world. Through the online platform, I felt more comfortable taking risks that I usually do not take in regular classroom settings…My advisor checked in with me to make sure I was on track to graduate and made sure I did not feel overwhelmed…There was never a time I felt alone or unsupported during my time.

Beth Swiatek, ‘15 Online Master’s of Science graduate of Educational Psychology, Applied Educational Psychology (MS)

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photo of Rebecca Harkins

It took a while for me to find the right master’s program that would fit my needs and schedule. I went through multiple meetings with other schools, but nothing felt right. Then I came across the Educational Psychology program at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and knew it was exactly what I wanted to pursue. Dr. Hammon made me feel welcomed, and I had the sense that the faculty really cared about their students…I had my daughter…at the beginning of the Summer 2020 semester. (Dr. Misawa) reassured me that I would get caught up when I returned and to not worry in the meantime. It was such a relief to have professors that understood that family comes first.

Rebecca Harkins, ‘20 Graduate of MS, Educational Psychology, Applied Educational Psychology

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