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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville currently offers seven online Bachelor’s degree programs. Browse our online RN to BSN Nursing, online BSHHS Child & Family studies, and online BSSW Social Work offerings, as well as our Agricultural, Information Sciences, Interdisciplinary BA, and Sales Management areas of interest. 

Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communications (ALEC)

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Agricultural Sciences|Business, Leadership & Law|Communications & Media|Education

Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Concentration (Integrated B-K)

Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Sciences (BSHHS)


Information Sciences: Applied Data Analytics and User Experience Concentration

Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences

Computer Science, Data & Technology

Interdisciplinary Programs: Cultures & Societies and Public Policy & Administration

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

BachelorExternal RFI
Business, Leadership & Law||STEM


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BS)

Business, Leadership & Law

Nursing, RN to BSN

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Nursing & Health Care

Political Science (BA)

Bachelor of Arts

Business, Leadership & Law|Leadership & Law|Public Administration|Public Service

Social Work

Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW)

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